We are a brand with a long history in the national agri-food sector and we are present in numerous countries around the world.

What do we do?


An excellent and varied range of fresh products such as chicken, turkey, chicken and rooster.


Wide range of frozen foods such as rooster, Turkey, or hen with a fabulous value for money.


The versatility of chicken meat allows us to adapt to the needs of the market and make quality burgers.

About us

AVECOX, S.L. is a company dedicated to slaughtering, cutting and commercialization of birds, as well as to the elaboration and commercialization of meat products. The direction of AVECOX, S.L., establishes the present declaration of corporate principles in matters of quality and food security and undertakes to disseminate, implement and ensure compliance throughout the company.

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The basic pillar of our corporate principles is based on offering a service of the maximum quality and food safety, ensuring that all products are safe for consumers and covering the needs, requirements and expectations of all our customers. Likewise, we are committed to continuously improve with the firm purpose of comply with legal and regulatory requirements. The Directorate, as well as all the members that are part of Avecox, are committed to fulfilling the requirements for the Halal products destined largely to Muslim population.



Position ourselves as close as possible to the leader of our meat sector. For this, we will use the available resources both technical and human, reaching the maximum domain of all our processes and providing the maximum dedication that is required.



Avecox considers it essential that all the people who make up the organization of the company get involved and participate, through continuous training, to obtain results satisfactory in terms of quality and food safety, becoming aware of their responsibility as manipulators and offering maximum dedication, will and effort.

General policy

Our Policy is based on the following principles:

Approach all our efforts and resources towards a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of quality and food safety of our products and services, maintaining, at all times, the conformity with specifications, customer requirements and legal requirements of application.

Satisfying the customer knowing their needs and responding to their highest demands through a personalized treatment and an effective and efficient service.

Guarantee to all personnel an adequate level of training for the development of the activities in each job.

Continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management and food safety system promoting participation of all employees.

Promote the set of values, norms and principles reflected in the culture of the company for achieve greater adaptation to all environments and respect for ethical principles and labor rights recognized by society.

General objectives

· To obtain safe and quality food that meets the needs and expectations of our clients, assigning for it the necessary technical means and human resources.

Maintain and strengthen our commitment to prevent and reduce impacts on the Environment at all levels of our company, assuming the need to grow sustainably andthereby contributing to the increase of the welfare of the present and future generations of our company.

Comply with current legislation, as well as the requirements of our customers.

Propose and carry out as many corrective and / or preventive actions as deemed appropriate to avoid the reappearance of deviations within the quality and food safety system.

To facilitate the training and qualification of all the personnel involved in the quality and safety food.

Motivate Management to achieve the objectives of the organization through the implementation and application of behaviors consistent with the quality system, food safety and maintaining a high commitment with its environment and especially with respect for the environment.

Quality certificates

Certification of the specific self-control system (SAE) of Level 3 for the category of meats and meat products, which allows export to countries with different requirements than the European Union.

The HALAL INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC JOINT successfully certifies our Halal production system in accordance with the requirements of the Islamic Joint Halal Guarantee Mark Regulations and the applicable specifications.

“At Avecox we are committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology in order to offer to our customers and final consumers the highest quality “


Where we are

Avecox, S.L.
Ctra. La Cantera, s/n
03350 COX (Alicante)


(+34) 966 750 571
(+34) 639 884 188

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Monday to Friday
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